NOBA Symposium: Humans, fungi, rottenness, and the future of soil, November 17


Norwegian BioArt Arena´s (NOBA) symposium 2022: Humans, fungi, rottenness, and the future of soil. 

NOBA´s symposium 2022 Humans, fungi, rottenness, and the future of soil is the first in a series addressing our relationship to living soil, seen from a more-than-human perspective.

The symposium takes a deep dive beyond a complex surface full of living organisms, into the ground below our feet. We will be investigating soil in the Anthropocene, from a macro to a micro perspective. From the vast landscape to the smallest organisms found in the soil. From issues relating to food production, post-production, and -processes, to decay, death and spirituality. From changes in soil health to soil exhaustion, and practices of soil repair in damaged landscapes, to future speculations on how we can build more sustainable futures in our interaction with the living soil.

The event can be seen as an experiment: an interdisciplinary platform for artists, scientists, and researchers where their practice, projects, and interest in the living soil can be discussed in dialogue with the public, based on their respective fields.

Inviting local, national, and international artists, scientists, gardeners, entrepreneurs, and designers from Ghana, Germany, Indonesia/Brazil, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, we aim to create an experimental and interdisciplinary platform with art at its core.


Press here for more information and the tickets. 

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