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In the heart of Campus Ås, inside the university area, you will find Vitenparken - a science and experience center where you can experience technology, food and research. We have a cafe, events, exhibitions, a brewery and a greenhouse.

Vitenparken Kafé

At Vitenparken Kafé you get food made from scratch with good seasonal ingredients. Much of what we use in our kitchen we have harvested, fermented, grown, dried or conserved in other ways. We often use produce from local farms. We want to fight food waste through innovative use of food. We make, among other things, seasoned salt, syrups and teas of peel from fruit and vegetables, microgreens grown here in the house, and we use our own beer in the food.


We take social responsibility

Vitenparken is an arena that exposes green value creation, we help releasing green knowledge and demonstrates research for the benefit of society through creative, innovative research communication, art and culture.



We make exhibitions about research and food production.



At our events you can experience everything from seminars, workshop and hackathon on food production and technology, to courses in fermentation, bread baking and brewing.


Schools and kindergartens

In Vitenparken´s school department we welcome pupils and kindergarten children, and our school offers cover everything from coding and programming to sensory and cooking.



Children and young people can join Vitenpark’s leisure facilities – VitenSkolen. At VitenSkolen you can play and learn about coding, biotechnology, physics, cooking and chemistry. The activities are being developed by dedicated students at NMBU, and you can sign up through our websites. VitenSkolen also has courses and activities on Sundays, and throughout the year you will also be able to find both courses and excursions during the holidays.


Vision and mission

Our vision is to be a nationally leading knowledge and experience center that accelerates the green shift and stimulates the development of sustainable green economy. Our mission is to be an attractive tourism destination that is best in the country on green knowledge experiences. Here the audience can meet new research and together experience and explore green change.


Do you have an idea? Contact us!

Please contact us if you wish to rent our premises or have an idea for an event we can make together.