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Ars Electronica Garden Stavanger/ Ås (NO)

September 13th. Path Less Trodden. By NOBA - Norwegian BioArt Arena.

The Paths Less Trodden program is divided into 3 events. These will all be streamed Sunday 13th of September 2020 from 15.00 (CEST). You can watch the stream here. The program features the premiere of Hege Tapio’s new art project Human OilThis is followed by NOBA and Network, film that presents NOBA and some of our key Norwegian collaborators. The program culminates in a live panel on the practice of Hege Tapio, NOBA as arena, and our take on the expanded bioartswhere both local and digital audiences can get engaged.  

Audiences local to Norwegian BioArt Arena can attend our program at Vitenparken Campus ÅsDoors open at 13:30


Part 1 – Premiere of Human Oil
14.00-14.15 (CEST)
Humanoil – The Last Oil
This autumn Hege Tapio is launching her new art project Humanoil. Many may recall when her participation in the Nordic art & science exhibition HYBRID MATTERS. Here she exhibited the project Humanfuel “The new oil” – in the shape of a biofuel produced from her own belly fat. The project has since been widely exhibited internationally. The follow-up project Humanoil is now being released on Ars Electronica’s live stream, in collaboration with NOBA – Norwegian BioArt Arena.
Humanoil is presented by the artist as an extreme luxury product, playing on both historical and mythical references. The artist’s research informs us that extraction and use of human oil has not only been present in myths and magical rituals, but also as a lucrative product for many centuries until the start of the 1900’s. Like Tapio’s previous project Humanfuel, Humanoil directs a provocative light on the human as a resource and challenges us to change our perspective and reflect on how we use the resources around us.
It is the artist’s opinion that it is about time our vanity causes some discomfort. What needs to happen for you to change your spending habits and lifestyle to the more sustainable? With the art project Humanoil, the artist has extracted a maximum amount of bodyfat to procure Humanoil, the last oil, made from the artist herself –generated to offer uncture, white magic or pure skincare – it’s your choice.
Part 2- NOBA and Network
14.15-14.30 (CEST)
NOBA is the first permanent arena for BioArt in Norway. We work to connect artists and scientists working with environmental issues, biology, technology, activism and art. Our aim is to stimulate an increased awareness of our living environment, ecology and sustainability.
Curious about NOBA as a new arena? Want to get a tour of Norway and its bioart scene? In NOBA and Network we give an insider’s view into NOBA with our facilities, placement at Campus Ås, and projects. You also get to meet our collaborators, encountering their voices, locations and practices in the long and sparsely populated country of Norway. Watch reports from intimate works with plants and forests, permaculture havens, close-knit human-bacterial relations unfolding beyond the Arctic Circle as well as explorations of how modern scientific methods can meet old craft methods to materially engage with local environments.
Part 3- Live Panel
15.30-16.00 (CEST)
Following Humanoil and NOBA and Network we go live from Vitenparken Campus Ås. Join us for a live panel further exploring the practices of artist Hege Tapio, NOBA as Arena, and the expanded BioArt field. Bring your thoughts, questions and observations. We wish to engage both live and digital audiences in discussions around art/science collaborations.
With artist Hege Tapio, NOBA’s scientific project manager, philosopher and bioart expert Nora Vaage and NOBA’s project manager and artist Annike Flo. Moderator: Elise Malik.
You can read more about NOBA here


Because of the COVID-19 we have to register every visitor. Please register below. As we have limited capacity because of the 1 meter rule, please let us know if you can not attend, so someone else gets your seat.

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