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Building relationships around food in high schools and urban arenas

The 21st of november at 14:00, agroecology students invite you to an interactive workshop around the topics of their case work: organic food in high school canteens and urban agriculture in public space.

The goals of the workshop are to stimulate ideas for action that can be taken individually and together, in your life or in initiatives you are connected to and to contribute to the students’ case work.

Akershus County (AFK, now Viken) has adopted a resolution to increase the share of organic produce used in food served at its high school canteens to 25%. The students are working with stakeholders in the school food system of Akershus to find ways of achieving this.

In the research project ‘Cultivating Public Spaces’ we explore how urban agriculture can improve quality of life in compact cities and how urban agriculture can be integrated in public spaces. The students are working with Oslo Municipality with case sites in the districts of Gamle Oslo and Grünerløkka to explore the opportunities of urban agriculture in public space.

The event is free, but registration is needed here.

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