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Green Value Symposium

Biotechnology and green biomass for innovation, circular economy and mitigation of climate change.

The Green Value symposium aims to bring together outstanding national and international speakers, including Nobel Laureate Sir Richard J Roberts, to discuss developments in biotechnology (e.g. GMOs, CRISPR genome editing) and the sustainable utilization of green biomass for innovation and development of valuable bioproducts contributing to the circular economy as well as to the reduction of the environmental footprint. NIBIO has had 15 years of successful collaboration with China in plant health, environmental research, climate change and biotechnology, and this Green Value Symposium shall contribute to further strengthen and widen NIBIO-China collaboration in biotechnologies, bioeconomy and waste recycling for the circular economy by inviting several leading Chinese scientists to the event to share their knowledge and experience.

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End date
08/19/2019 at 17:00

Booking Date Expired: This event has passed today's date.