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Digital Breakfast Seminar: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Insights into campus initiatives

When: Friday 4th of February 2022, Hours: 08:15 – 09:15

Where: Digital meetup on Zoom, Zoom-link

Calendar placeholder: Download here


The GreenSmart breakfast seminars are short gatherings that shed light on important challenges, projects, and issues. Areas of focus range broadly from topics such as urban development and agriculture to social equality and entrepreneurship.

We are starting the year with an introduction to three important actors both within and partly outside NMBU. First up is Eik Lab, formerly Eik Idéverksted. The lab is an important center for student innovation at campus, providing home for new ideas, student collaboration and practical exploration.

Next up is “NMBU Smart Campus”, a smart-campus project at the Digital Real Estate Management branch of NMBU. They’ll introduce an on-going project, looking into smarter use and management of the built environment at campus. Specifically, through data-management, machine learning and sensor technology.

Lastly, we’ll get an introduction to a joint venture between NMBU and NIBIO called Ard Innovation. Ard Innovation provides an important arena to continue developing research results into sustainable products and services.

Join in by logging onto zoom, through the link above. Any questions? Reach out!

Welcome Friday the 4th of February, 08:15!