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PechaKucha Night: Utopia/Dystopia

Date: October 11

Time: 17:30. Doors open for mingling at 17:00

Where: Kornrommet

Register here: https://nettskjema.no/a/359570#/

Is the world progressing? Or will forest fires, food shortages, water loss, artificial intelligence, and global unrest put an end to the good life out there in the future?

Join in as we dive deep into tomorrow’s urban and local communities and explore sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s cities, food, energy, and social justice. Join us at Campus Ås at Vitenparken, Doors open at 5:00 PM on October 11th. The event starts 5:30 PM.

Our speakers will share innovative projects and research, sparking interdisciplinary discussions on the opportunities and challenges of our rapidly changing world.


17:00-17:30 Mingling      

17:30-18:00 Welcome word, Hugo Nilsen, GreenSmart Sustainability Arena, NMBU

  • Pesentation: How to handle the increasing danger of heat waves: Anna Badke, Lene Eieland, Tiril Rødder Sægrov, Alva Håseth Julsrud
  • Presentation: Plants on the move, Alex Clarke
  • Presentation: Urbant landbruk: Alle kan bidra til økt matsikkerhet i Norge     Maria Pettersen

18:00-18:20 Pause 


  • Presentation: Use of Ecological Sanitation Toilet and human Urine Application in school garden: sharing experiences from Rupantaran NORHED project Manoj Pandey
  • Presentation Foodsharing, Milo Schulthes
  •  Presentation  Battery futures: Imagining industrial utopias in a contested energy transition, Anna-Sophie Hobi
  •  Presentation  How your idea can change the status quo”?, Eva Nagelhus

18:50-19:00 Closing of the event, Hugo Nilsen, GreenSmart Sustainability Arena, NMBU

Don’t miss out – be part of the conversation!

What is a PechaKucha?

PechaKucha is a Japanese presentation format in which a presenter has 20 seconds per slide for a total of 20 slides, resulting in an overall presentation lasting no longer than six minutes and 40 seconds. This unique yet engaging approach is used to effectively present challenging topics to the audience. Vitenparken is one of the few venues officially certified to host PechaKucha events in Norway and the only certified venue to host PechaKucha events in Ås

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